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Kyle Maslen | Personal Trainer

"Consistency is key"

Kyle Maslen and his wife Kelly started their own business under the meaningful notion in the KIN, meaning being surrounded by loved-ones or a loving community. Happiness, determination and balance are at the heart of everything they do. With nearly 20 years of combined experience in fitness, yoga & nutrition, it was time to transcend their lifestyle choices into their primary business.

Forming the company was the result of a holiday they took in Thailand. They came back with a business plan, and after 6 months of intensive planning, were welcoming their first guests to their luxury fitness retreat in Ibiza.

He understands the busy stress a city life brings. “London living can be tough, and you don't realise what it's doing to you mentally and physically until something tells you to slow down.”

Kyle enjoys reading, playing tennis and golf, and trying out new training techniques in the gym. He add, “And in between doing all of this, I like to spend time with friends and family and try out all the hidden gem dining spots…as food is also BIG interest of mine.”

PRE WORKOUT RITUAL: Bullet proof coffee packed with MCT's to give me that added boost I need before and during training.

GUILTY PLEASURE: The largest Margarita pizza on the menu with ALL the dips.

STYLE SENSIBILITY: Always colour coded from head to toe ;-)

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