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"I am true to myself and give 100% in everything I do."

Lucy Miller began gymnastics at the age of five, and quickly discovered her passion for the sport, taking two National Titles and representing GB by the time she was 16. After retiring from the sport, she began spending time in the gym and running and has since run five marathons.

Lucy is now a freelance fitness journalist after being the Fitness Editor for Men's Fitness Magazine, Health & Fitness Magazine and The Metro online. She also trains a variety of women and loves nothing more than training pregnant and post-natal clients, after recently having a baby of her own.
“Exercising when pregnant can be scary, but with the right information and programme, it’s such a good thing to do for you and your growing baby," she says. "It's also vital to get back on the exercising wagon after baby too. Regular workouts give you some 'me' time, help you take control of your post-natal body and can really help boost your energy and mood.”
Lucy enjoys long walks with her husband and daughter, leisurely lunches and taking her daughter swimming, singing and on play dates. She also keeps a blog, which follows her journey of being a new mum.

PRE WORKOUT RITUAL: A cool outfit, my favourite music and a session plan.

GUILTY PLEASURE: Rawlicious Tomato Pizza raw crackers with hard goat’s cheese.

STYLE SENSIBILITY: Pastel colours, cool layering and bright trainers.

IN MY PAST LIFE: I was a life coach or midwife.

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