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Marisa Peer has worked as a therapist for nearly three decades, focusing on mental and physical health. After training as a child psychologist, Marisa became a dance instructor at Pineapple Studios. She then moved to LA, teaching classes for Jane Fonda. Her experiences inspired her to study hypnotherapy and psychotherapy, training as a nutritionist and food psychologist.

Marisa believes that the body does what the mind tells it to. She is a successful author of four bestselling books, and provides expert advice for countless UK and worldwide outlets. She considers herself very fortunate to love what she does and do what she loves. In her spare time Marisa enjoys practising yoga; she believes that it helps to love and appreciate your body, and is good for your mind. Marisa also loves to cycle, swim and meet new people.

PRE WORKOUT RITUAL: Shower, put on yoga clothes and cycle to the gym

GUILTY PLEASURE: Swedish rye bread toasted and covered in avocado or apples sliced and spread with thick crunchy peanut butter.

STYLE SENSIBILITY: Casual chic - skinny jeans with a gorgeous silk shirt or a beautifully cut suit with a simple white tshirt or vest worn underneath.

IN MY PAST LIFE: I was a dancer or a healer.

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