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"Consistency is key"

Good Vibes Founder and Director Nahid de Belgeonne has a diverse creative background. She set up her first business in her twenties selling fashion accessories to Browns, Barneys in NY and Japan as well as The Conran Shop. She went back to college to study for a Masters degree in Computer Science, learning to program in her thirties, and was one of the founding team of four who set up Scarlet magazine. Combining her creative background with her business acumen and entrepreneurial spirit she opened up the first Good Vibes studio in October 2006, leading Londoners into a new era of fitness as a lifestyle.

The common thread throughout her career is that she has always engaged in activities, both physical and mental, to ensure she keeps performing to her optimal level. She says “I started running when I wanted to leave home, I started kick boxing when I left my first marriage, yoga when I changed careers and restorative and yoga nidra to bring myself back to good health after an illness. Fitness is more than achieving an ideal body shape, it is all about managing changes in your life while staying emotionally resilient. You only get one body so the Good Vibes message it to respect it, live fully in it and enjoy it!”

Good Vibes was the first independent Power Plates studio in the UK and the first FAR infra-red heated yoga studio in Europe. Nahid is a champion of mindful teaching and is the yoga expert for Aveda UK.

What is your pre-workout ritual? I set an intention before I work out – it is usually to be fully present. I have always exercised to change my state and often when I transition from one project that requires one part of my brain to another project that requires different skills. I meditate in the mornings and practice restorative yoga every evening at home. And then depending on how I am feeling I go to a different Good Vibes class a day. When I have lots of energy to burn I will go to a Good Vibes cycle class ( the cycle HIIT bootcamp is amazing!) or Pilates, Power Plates or a flow yoga class.

What is your guilty pleasure? I don’t do guilt, fitness and nutrition aimed at women is either about punishment or beasting or being naughty or feeling guilty - I just don’t buy into that. I work hard and I enjoy it, my leisure time is all about nourishment or indulgence. I love my pleasures and love good clothes and good food, good wine and art, I totally deserve all good things that come my way, as do you!

How would you describe your style? I was so pleased when sport luxe was invented as a term as that’s been my look for years. For me it probably comes from laziness and being able to dress up my class outfit with layers easily so that I don’t have to faff around too much when it is time to get into class or going out.

IN MY PAST LIFE: I was In fashion first, I had an accessories label that I used to sell to the Conran Shop and Barneys in NY and Japan and then technology ( I learnt to code in my 30’s) and I was part of the founding team to set up Scarlet, a sex magazine for women, it was feminist and ground breaking and empowered women to be fully informed so that they could “own” their sex lives.

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