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The 21-Day

Integrating meditation into your daily routine can help you feel healthier, calmer and much more content with life. Who wouldn‘t want that?

How To Practise Mindfulness

You can read more about the benefits of meditation and mindfulness in Kate’s blog post.

Bring mindfulness into your life

Don‘t overcomplicate it. Meditation is easier than you think. Here’s what you need to do:

21-Day Meditation Plan

The goal of this challenge is to help you incorporate up to 15 minutes of meditation into your daily routine, so that, over time, you can start reaping in all of the benefits, such as decreased feelings of stress and anxiety.

Day 1

3 minutes

Day 2

3 minutes

Day 3

3 minutes

Day 4

4 minutes

Day 5

4.5 minutes

Day 6

4.5 minutes

Day 7

5 minutes

Day 8

5 minutes

Day 9

6 minutes

Day 10

7 minutes

Day 11

7 minutes

Day 12

9 minutes

Day 13

9 minutes

Day 14

10 minutes

Day 15

11 minutes

Day 16

12 minutes

Day 17

13 minutes

Day 18

14 minutes

Day 19

14 minutes

Day 20

14 minutes

Day 21

15 minutes

Are you ready to try the 4-in-1 challenge? Get your combined plan now!

Pretty Happy: Kate Hudson on benefits of meditation

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