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Running Challenge

So, you want to pick up running? Good for you! Running is a great way to clear your mind and keep your body fit.

The key to a good run is to set yourself specific goals. Don‘t be afraid to start small, mixing walking and running, until you build the confidence and stamina to pick up your pace. Our aim is to help you get and stay motivated, transforming this 21-day running programme into a lifestyle. Ready, set, go!

Warm-Up Exercises

Running warm-up: bend your knees
Running warm-up: kneel down
Running warm-up: stretch your legs
Running warm-up: lunge stretching
Running warm-up: bend down at a 90-degree angle

Cooldown Exercises

Running cooldown: 5-minute jog
Running cooldown: crouch down
Running cooldown: stretch your leg
Running cooldown: stretch your arms

Your 21-Day Running Plan

Day 1

1 km jog

Day 2

1 km cardio walk,
1 km jog,
1 km cardio walk

Day 4


Day 5

1 km jog,
1 km cardio walk,
1 km jog

Day 6

1.5 km jog,
1 km cardio walk,
1.5 km jog

Day 8

1 km jog,
1 km cardio walk,
2 km jog

Day 9

1 km jog,
1 km cardio walk,
2 km jog

Day 11


Day 12

2 km jog,
1 km cardio walk,
1 km jog

Day 13

3 km jog

Day 15

3 km jog

Day 16

3 km jog

Day 18

4 km jog

Day 20


Day 21

5 km jog

Are you ready to try the 4-in-1 challenge? Get your combined plan now!

Press Play

You won't see the miles fly by with our running playlist! Once you've reached the end of this challenge, you'll be free to create your own (or press replay - whatever you fancy!)

Boost Your Strength!

Strength training reinforces muscles and joints, which can minimise the risk of injury and improve run times. Research also indicates that it improves body composition, helping you increase or maintain a lean body mass for a slimmer look and an increased ability to burn off extra calories. Get started with our top exercises!

Full-body workout by Fabletics
Classic workout by Fabletics

Release Your Inner Yogi

Discover Spanish Master Irene's seven basic yoga poses for runners, designed to boost flexibility, reduce soreness and speed recovery. Your usual cooldown just got an upgrade!

Yoga for runners: Virasna (Hero Pose)
Runners Lunge Variation - Yoga Pose
Yoga for runners: Ardha Hanumanasana (Half Splits)

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