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Explore the many advantages of complete, coordinated outfits tailored to your personal style and workout preferences. Outfits let you enjoy more for less!


The right outfit, can make you feel confident and put-together as you pursue your passions. Fabletics outfits offer 4 key benefits:

    Each carefully considered outfit was chosen for how its components work together. Whether you're assuming asanas indoors or rappelling a rock face, each piece allows you to perform at your best.

    When you look good, you feel good. And feeling good will inspire you to excel. Outfits offer coordinating colors, complementary cuts and flattering silhouettes that sculpt and shape while you get in shape.

    VIP members can purchase many outfits starting from just £44. That's a top and bottom for up to 40% less than you'd pay if you bought them separately.

    Let our savvy stylists do the work for you! They'll suggest great outfits so you can focus on going that extra mile, holding that pose for 5 more seconds or whatever your personal challenge may be.