The purpose behind Fabletics has always been to inspire and empower women worldwide. Yet, we would be nowhere without all of our members and their loyal support. They have helped us embrace our journey and now we want to share theirs. We have received amazing stories of strength, determination and courage.

Steph, London, VIP member since 2014

Founder of POPFit

My Superpower: Juggling

I always enjoyed working out and getting sweaty, but I felt like an element was missing from my exercise routine and I wasn’t enjoying it as much as I could. That’s why I created POPFit. While getting back in shape after having a baby, I started working on a new concept that would get people moving in an effective and fun way to music, without judgement.

Being a full-time entrepreneur and mum is a challenge and you have to find a balance every day. I spend a lot of time at the studio, but when I'm with my kids, I really make sure I give them 100% of my attention. My best advice for other working mums would be to give yourself time and headspace. It's hard, but that's ok.

I'm most proud of raising two beautiful girls. It's really important to me to help them focus on what they really want and go for it, no matter what challenges lay ahead. For me, being empowered is turning your fear into excitement and surrounding people with love.

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Nicola, Northwood, VIP Member since 2017

Fitness Instructor

My Superpower: motivating people to be their best

I’m definitely a multi-tasker. I'm currently juggling running my family and home… and my fitness career where I run the studios at my health club.

I used to be a successful TV producer and worked on the Paul O’Grady show, Richard and Judy, music shows, comedy shows, chat shows and more. I even introduced Vernon Kay and Tess Daly to each other.

Working in TV was great. I did it for 12 years! However, it is very full on, and when I had my first son at the age of 36, I felt like I had achieved everything I could in that field and was ready for another chapter. So, I retrained to be a fitness instructor and that’s where my superpower really shines through!

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Kirstie, Kent, VIP Member since 2018

Personal Trainer

My Superpower: Supermum

In 2015, I had a class 4 haemorrhage, resulting in me needing an emergency blood transfusion and an emergency operation immediately after the birth of my second daughter. It was life-threatening and made me re-evaluate everything.

Exercise helped me recover mentally and physically. I decided to become a personal trainer, in order to help others reach their own goals through health and fitness.

The biggest challenge has been the unsociable hours with young children. Working evenings and early mornings can be difficult at times, but weight training helps me relieve stress and makes me feel strong in mind as well as body. If you’re considering a career change, I think you should go for it and believe in yourself. Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.

My favourite Fabletics style: it's impossible to choose just one... I love them all!

Ophelia, France, VIP Member since 2017

Yoga Instructor & Life Coach

My Superpower: motivating others

I’m always on the move. On top of teaching yoga, I do cross-fit and boxing. When I decided to be self-employed, I used it as an opportunity to unite my two passions. What really drives me is being able to support people and help them grow.

An obstacle that almost everyone encounters is fear and doubting oneself. Meditation and surrounding yourself with incredible people can help you overcome this. That's why I love yoga. Everything seems to fall in place when I just focus on my breathing and let go of any negative thoughts.

I strive to have a positive impact and learn something new every day. My gratitude list helps me get some perspective and appreciate the little things. I really recommend having one.

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