The purpose behind Fabletics has always been to inspire and empower women worldwide. Yet, we would be nowhere without all of our members and their loyal support. They have helped us embrace our journey and now we want to share theirs. We have received amazing stories of strength, determination and courage.

Natalie, Stirling, VIP Member since 2018

Deer Farmer

My Superpower: Reiki

I came to Reiki after I fell ill back in 2016. At the hospital they ran every test possible and never discovered what was wrong with me. When the pain started coming back again at the start of 2017, I went to get some Reiki, and amazingly, it worked! Having experienced such an upturn in my health from thanks to Reiki, I went on a course to be able to help myself and now I practice it every single day. I have met some wonderful people through it.

At the moment, I am in training to run the Stirling half-marathon with my sister, sister-in-law and mother to raise money for my children's school. I am so proud of them doing this with me! We are all spread out over the country and this is a great thing to do together.

Am I a superwoman? Nope! Am I lucky? Yes! I am surrounded by inspiring, insanely strong and supportive girlfriends, family and Reiki at my fingertips.

My favourite Fabletics style: The Avaline Hoodie

Patricia, Bristol, VIP Member since 2018


My Superpower: the ability to make things happen

Organisation is key! Planning my weeks ahead helps a lot. I work a full-time job at a law firm, and since October, I make time for myself and work out 5-6 times a week. I also started a food blog on Instagram, which has allowed me to get involved with a very supportive community.

I moved to the UK from Canada and worked two jobs, in order to put myself through law school. I have always been committed to my friends and jobs. However, it wasn’t until last year that I realised that I was working so hard to please other people and had never been committed to myself. So, when I told myself I was going to go to the gym the next day, I just did it – I stopped breaking promises to myself.

Luckily, I come from a family of inspirational women and we are a constant support for each other. Even though we live in different countries, they still teach me new ways to grow each day.

My favourite Fabletics style: Lotta Cocoon Hoodie

Rebecca, Southampton, VIP Member since 2018

Recruitment Consultant

My Superpower: Patience

I don’t consider myself a superwoman. I’m just someone who keeps getting back up. We all have struggles with the ebbs and flows of life. I just always try to stay focused on my goals and put one foot in front of the other. I’m inspired by my best girlfriends, who manage to be amazing mothers, succeed professionally, stay fit and healthy, and still be great friends.

It’s been a very hard road over the last six years and I’m only at the start of the journey, but I’m proud of how far I've come already. I am currently going through a massive career change, which is very scary, but I’m convinced that it´s the right thing for me at this stage of my life. After being involved in elite performance swimming (as a swimmer and Head Coach) for over 20 years, I decided to leave the sport to become a Recruitment Consultant. I´m thrilled to be loving what I do, seeing progress, being consistent and feeling happy in my skin!

My favourite Fabletics style: A long sleeve top

Ophelia, France, VIP Member since 2017

Yoga Instructor & Life Coach

My Superpower: motivating others

I’m always on the move. On top of teaching yoga, I do cross-fit and boxing. When I decided to be self-employed, I used it as an opportunity to unite my two passions. What really drives me is being able to support people and help them grow.

An obstacle that almost everyone encounters is fear and doubting oneself. Meditation and surrounding yourself with incredible people can help you overcome this. That's why I love yoga. Everything seems to fall in place when I just focus on my breathing and let go of any negative thoughts.

I strive to have a positive impact and learn something new every day. My gratitude list helps me get some perspective and appreciate the little things. I really recommend having one.

My favourite Fabletics style: my burgundy jacket

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