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The purpose behind Fabletics has always been to inspire and empower women worldwide. Yet, we would be nowhere without all of our members and their loyal support. They have helped us embrace our journey and now we want to share theirs. We have received amazing stories of strength, determination and courage.

Lisa, Paris, VIP Member since 2015

Sports Coach and Self Confidence Speaker

My Superpower: Love. I think love can heal everything.

Spreading love is the most powerful ability one can have. I make sure I do it. It's also great because the more you give, the more you receive. Making people feel better in their own skin is what motivates me in life, I want everyone to be happy and comfortable with themselves. My mum is the kindest, non-judgmental and caring person I’ve ever met. She reminds me every day to spread love, and that is the greatest thing in the world!

My favourite Fabletics style: The Mila Pocket legging, they are so practical!

Lois, Aberdeen, Gold Elite Member since 2016

Personal Trainer

My Superpower: Boosting people’s self esteem

Accepting myself as I am has been tough, I’m a personal trainer and have a personal brand “loislovesfitness” so my passion and career is in the public eye. I’ve had to deal with people voicing their opinions on me and for a while I let those things get to me and it wasn’t until I moved to a city and learned the world of business that I realised none of that would define me and my own happiness means more than anything else.

I love engaging with the public and have an open personality, but I also love spending a lot of my free time alone. Experiencing peaceful moments being at one with nature and my thoughts. I find that’s when all my creative ideas come flooding though.

My passion towards my career motivates me a lot, when I reflect on moments in the gym or training my clients and realised the impact I have had on myself and on others I am filled with happiness.

My favourite Fabletics style: My all time favourites are the High Waisted Solid PowerHold Shorts!

Erin, London, Elite Member since 2017

AML Investigator

My Superpower: Commitment to my goals

I love the feeling of achieving a goal I've set for myself! You have to be motivated to stick to your goals and I've learned that the best motivation to keep going is knowing that self-care is crucial to well being. Take the breaks you need, and don't beat yourself up if you do.

I've overcome so much in the last year. Weight loss was part of it, but I've also overcome some personal struggles and changed careers. I never give up, I always push that little bit more. My mum is a big part of why I’m like that, she’s the most resilient person I know!

My favourite Fabletics style: The Power Hold leggings

Caroline, Newport, VIP member since 2018


My Superpower: Being in 3 different places at once

It sounds like a cliché, but life is busy and finding a spare hour can be tricky. I have found a love for fitness that I am not willing to compromise. Staying motivated can be hard but fitness goals can be achieved in many ways even if it is just a walk with the dog.

Motivation and commitment are two of the biggest struggles. Scheduled classes make me stay motivated as I can’t let my training buddies down. I am self-motivated but when I feel a wobble, I remind myself of how I feel after a great class... nothing really beats that feeling of achievement and the endorphins racing around.

People who overcome obstacles and are determined to succeed are my heroes. No one knows how tough each of our lives can be but those that don’t give up, strive to improve and overcome the odds are my inspiration!

My favourite Fabletics style: I love the Salar Leggings and the zip front Zoe sports bras.

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