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Go Clean

We spend a lot of time worrying about what we put into our mouths, but what about what we put on our skin? In fact, 60% of what you use on your skin is absorbed into the bloodstream.

Go Clean

Even more shocking - the average woman uses 12-15 conventional products, from shampoo to foundation, a day, which amounts to over 500 chemicals. We think you deserve better! That's why we've called on The Clean Beauty Co. to help us find four simple-yet-effective natural beauty recipes for your retreat. Your skin will thank you!

Lime & Coconut Body Scrub

Sea salt is a powerful scrub ingredient: it’s abrasive nature means that it sloughs away dead skin cells, but it’s also detoxifying, as it draws impurities and toxins from the skin. Coconut oil is a super moisturising staple. It’s high in medium chain fatty acids, saturated fats that your skin and body loves. Limes are a tiny powerhouse of nutrients and the citric acid will gently exfoliate, leaving you glowing and ready to rumble!

Lime & Coconut Body Scrub

INGREDIENTS (Makes one scrub)

2 Tbsps of Sea Salt
2 Tbsps of Coconut Oil
Half Lime, juiced


Grind the salt down in a food processor, so the granules are smaller and don’t scratch.

Stir in the lime juice and coconut oil, grating in lime peel.

Rinse thoroughly.

Tight & Bright Skin Toner

The key to creating a DIY micellar water is to include a mix of ingredients that cleanse, moisturise and can remove makeup. Astringent witch hazel is the perfect base to a cleansing micellar water, as its properties are perfect for sweeping away bacteria in clogged pores. It also works to remove pollution and toxins that your skin has been exposed to throughout the day. Castor oil and jojoba provide the ideal makeup remover and moisturiser, as well as balancing the skin’s PH and the sebum glands. A drop of rose oil will continue to tighten pores and soothe any post cleansing redness.

Tight & Bright Skin Toner

INGREDIENTS (Makes 50ml)

40ml of Witch Hazel Water
5ml of Castor Oil
5ml of Jojoba Oil
1 Drop of Rose Essential Oil


Blend the oils with the rose essential oil and decant into a spray bottle.

Top up with the witch hazel water.

To use, shake vigorously and squirt onto a cotton pad, wiping the face.

Shelf Life: 6 months, if using pre-preserved witch hazel water.

Avocado, Honey & Yogurt Face Mask

This one is so quick and easy, but it's actually a really luxurious recipe using our favourite kitchen essentials. Rich in omega 3 and essential fatty acids, avocado is as good for your outside as it is for your inside. It's also an incredible antioxidant, which helps skin cell turnover and rejuvenation. We use yogurt, as it's naturally rich in lactic acid, which gently sweeps away dead skin cells. It's the perfect non-abrasive exfoliator. Honey is antibacterial and super moisturising.

Avocado, Honey & Yogurt Face Mask

INGREDIENTS (Makes one mask)

1 Tbsp of Yogurt
1/4 of an Avocado
1 tsp of Honey


Mash the avocado and blend with the honey and yogurt.

Apply and leave for 15 minutes, before rinsing thoroughly.

Cocoa Lip Balm

This is a simple lip balm with an almost edible vanilla chocolate scent (we say almost – please don’t eat it!) This balm is made creamy by the cocoa butter and glycerin to really hydrate the lips. The beeswax keeps the mixture solid and vitamin E extends the shelf life of the oils.

Cocoa Lip Balm

INGREDIENTS (Makes 10ml)

3g of Cocoa Butter
5g of Vanilla Macerate
1g of Beeswax
1g of Glycerin
1 Drop of Vitamin E


In a bain-marie, melt down the cocoa butter.

Remove from the heat, add the beeswax, macerate and gently reheat until liquid.

Remove from the heat and stir in the remaining ingredients.

Decant into a pot quickly before it solidifies, we love small tins or a glass lip balm jar.

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