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Yoga Clothes

Get Your OM On!

Yoga Essentials Yoga Essentials

Yoga Range

From Om to Namaste, personalise your studio to street look with our popular yoga essentials. Whether you prefer Hatha or Bikram yoga, our yoga trousers, tops and accessories help you elevate your routine for good karma all around. Discover our yoga collection and add style to your next yoga retreat (or studio class - whatever suits your fancy)!

Fabletics Yoga Outfits


Moisture-control features and breathe-easy panels keep you feeling fresh.

Easy Movement

Stretchable fabrics with compression technology allow for easy sun salutations.


Chafe-resistant fabrics and all-way stretch help you relax in every pose.

Yoga Tops & T-Shirts

From Asana to Ashtanga, master each yoga pose with lightweight, all-stretch fabrics that will move with your every bend.

Yoga Leggings

Downward-facing Dog has never been easier in all-stretch yoga leggings and tights with moisture-wicking features. Add style to your Vinyasa with fashion-forward details and of-the-moment prints.

Yoga Accessories

Elevate your Child's Pose with stylish yoga mats, balance your chakras with cool water bottles and master the studio with fashionable bags and other yoga accessories.

Yoga Poses

Whether you're an experienced yogini or following yoga for beginners, get inspired by the top yoga poses we spotted on Instagram! From Supported Headstand to Warrior III, our yoga pose lookbook will take you from mat to beach, making reaching savasana look much less intimidating!

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